The Scholarship Program

PakelleGirls05 2016

Female scholars study at St. Mary Asumpta Secondary School in Pakele

Support does not end with a good leaving cert after primary school. UgandaKids is offering scholarships to those former pupils who cannot attain either private or organizational funding to enable them to continue their education.

The criteria upon which these are provided include need, personality and school grades. These are constantly reviewed.

Currently there are 20 girls and 4 boys enrolled in a secondary school. Two young ladies are trained as nursary teacher and nurse. All scholarships are limited until the next degree. All the scholarship holders continue to be amongst the most successful pupils of their grades.

The expenses of the scholarship program amount to appr. 7.600 Euro per year. UgandaKids offers scholarships only if the mentioned period can be guaranteed.

If you want to contribute to the program please find more information here.