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Sunday, 22nd March 2020

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The school grounds are deserted. Only the security guards are left

Because of "Corona": All Schools have been Shut Down

Since Friday the Ugandan government has shut down the schools in the whole country in order to avoid the spread of the new Corona virus.

Unfortunately this infectious disease is also effecting parts of the world with the least possibilities to fight against it. The pupils received homework quickly prepared by the teachers. Also the locust plague is only 5 kilometres away from Adjumani now, and will cause aditional harm. Food prices have multiplied over the last few days. Ugandakids therefore passes on food rations to families in need. The school now needs more security guards. The urgency of social distancing has been explained to everyone at the school. People in Uganda are aware of the fact that this crisis effects everyone in the world, but they are additionally concerned that they will be forgotten. We in Europe are equally concerned about the kids, youth, former pupils and employees in Uganda. We will keep in touch!



Sunday, 13th October 2019


















Reconstruction of the outdoor facilities

In the last thirteen years the number of pupils has risen from 35 to over 650. All of them play outside in their breaks. The once green areas are now bare grounds. As the plot is partly sloping, strong rainfalls have caused erosion of the grounds. Not only are the roots of the trees affected, but also the foundations of the buildings are completely exposed.

UgandaKids has therefore decided to solve this problem by terracing the grounds. Work has begun a few weeks ago and will last until the end of this year. During the big holiday season grass seeds will be sown on the newly built terraces therefore the soil cannot be washed away any longer.




Sunday, 19th May 2019

Cath Kevin
















Left: Cathrine, nursing student in Gulu. Right: Kevin, nursery teacher student in Kampala

The scholarship program will be extended

Since 2014 Ugandakids has been giving scholarships to those pupils who want to continue their education but cannot receive financial support from other sources. So far the scholarship program was designated for secondary school education. At the end of this year the first pupils will complete their A-Levels.

Two young ladies now have different plans. They want to train in nursing and as a nursery teacher. Both are orphans, show an excellent performance at school and cannot receive any other funding. Therefore UgandaKids has decided to support them for their professional training. Besides qualified nurses and nursery teachers are strongly needed in Uganda.

All the best of success to you both!



Sunday, 20th January 2019















Some of the founders of the "Old Girls and Old Boys Club"

Club of the "former Pupils" found

One of the key guiding principles of UgandaKids is to trust the Ugandans to follow their own plans and perceptions. This often creates dynamics which take us by surprise.

During the big holidays the "Club of the Old Girls and Old Boys of UgandaKids" was found. The club can be joined by anyone who has ever been enrolled at UgandaKids school. What a wonderful idea, now former pupils of UgandaKids can stay connected. This is probably more important in Uganda than in Europe. Of course UgandaKids is offering the canteen for the annual meetings during the holidays. Those who arrive from further away can stay at the boarding school house. Food and drinks are free.

Of course this is also a great opportunity for us to stay in touch and to see which paths some of these young people are taking and which challenges they are facing after their time at UgandaKids school.




Tuesday, 25th December 2018

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The team in Adjumani as well as we here in Europe like to say thank you for your interest and for your support!

About 400 UgandaKids have made their final exams in the last ten years.

All of them have got perspectives and almost all have taken their chance!









Saturday, 14th July 2018

Hilda with phone

Hilda with her two most important working tools: the mobile phone and the car

Everything running smoothly

The outer circumstances are getting more and more difficult in Uganda, yet at the school everything is quiet and peaceful in the middle of the year.

Three teachers left the school and have already been replaced. The positive reputation of the school and the new teachers' accommodation has surely contributed towards this.

A few weeks ago a visit of two tax collectors has surprised us a lot. "The school should pay taxes!" Hilda strongly objected and explained that UgandaKids is a non-profit organization obviously without profits, working hard to financially support children who would otherwise not be able to attend school. She explained that UgandaKids is happy to support the government by educating Uganda's children, but would not be prepared to pay a cent of the European funds to the government. The current situation is that she needs a confirmation from the district administration and then to apply for a tax exemption in Kampala.

Another tax shall be introduced on phone calls and for sending money via mobile phone. Mobile phones are intensely used for "mobile money" transfers in Uganda, thus resulting in strong protests.

We will keep you posted here and on facebook about further developments.  



Saturday, 3rd March 2018

O Level pioneers
















Gladys, Liberty, Kevin and again Gladys (from left) are the first scholars with O-Levels

The new school year is starting with great news

In 2014 Ugandakids started the first scholarships for former UgandaKids pupils. The completion of primary school is not the final education therefore a scholarship system has been developed to enable pupils to continue their education.

Secondary school takes six years in Uganda. After four years the O-Levels take place and after another two years the A-Levels can be completed, enabling pupils to go onto University.

At the end of 2017 five UgandKids scholarship holders completed their O-Levels. One fellow had to leave the program due to weak results. Four girls showed that they could maintain or even improve their primary school results and were amongst the best of their year with grade 2 results.

Therefore UgandaKids is keeping the promise in supporting the pupils for another two years until A-Level.

This encourages the younger pupils at UgandaKids to follow in their footsteps. In order for them to show their motivation the new school year has just started on 5th of February.




Sunday, 15th October 2017

Pakelle girls 2017

 By now there are 17 scholarship holders from Pakelle together with some of their fellow pupils

The first four scholarship holders are just about to complete their secondary education

In 2014 Ugandakids started a scholarship program. The first four young women will be writing their interim examinations - the O-Levels in the few days. The completion of this qualification compares to the intermediate secondary school certificate in Germany, it is the same in the whole country and comprises of eight to ten different examinations.

After completing their primary school qualification in 2013 the four girls continued their education at St. Marys Assumpta Secondary School in Pakelle. Pakelle is approximately a 15 minute drive from Adjumani, therefore Ugandakids and the teachers can stay in close contact with them to follow their progress. All four belong to the best of their school year. Ugandakids has agreed to support them financially through the scholarship program for the next two years until they reach A-Level qualifications.




Friday, 5th May 2017

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Big celebration at the school

The 10 year anniversary of UgandaKids – clearly a reason to celebrate!

There was a big birthday party at the school on Saturday, April 22nd. Hundreds of people came to visit and join the children, youths and employees in celebrating the anniversary. The children were at the heart of both the party on Saturday and during the sport events on the day before. Four former UgandaKids were invited as guests of honour : they will be taking their A-Level exams this coming October. But also many other former primary school kids came to join the celebration. It was heartwarming to see how many confident, great personalities UgandaKids has helped to develop.

There was plenty of food and drink for everyone. Poems and songs and a lot of dancing followed the meal. Some of it was so irresistible that even the nuns from Pakelle couldn’t remain seated, they joined in the dancing.



Saturday, 18th February 2017


Above: the charching station at the wall of the dining hall

Left: new paintwork for the administration building

Solar Laterns for the Youngsters

Two weeks ago, on February 6th, the long school break came to an end again and almost 650 children and youngsters welcomed the new term together with their mentoring adults.

Right at the start something new could be marveled at: thanks to the support of the well-known company Phillips UgandaKids received 200 solar laterns for free.

The older boarding school students have profited from better lighting in their boardinghouses for quite a while. UgandaKids was happy to be able to also provide it for the younger children at their homes now.

The lights are charged with solar energy which means they work environmentally friendly and with reduced risk of fire compared to kerosene lamps. The illumination will enable the children and their foster families to study and do homework in their homesteads also after dark .

Hilda wants to monitor how the illumination system is accepted over the next two years and will then decide whether it is worthwhile that UgandaKids invest in the next generation of lights.

As always during holidays the buildings were being renovated and repaired. They suffer from the nearly 700 people who work and live there, from the extreme climate and last but not least from the termites‘ destructive activity. It is essential to keep up with careful and pro-active maintenance to prevent the costs of damage.



Saturday, 24th December 2016

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

IMG 6000

„Growing up with perspectives“ has been UgandaKids’ motto ever since the beginning of the school. An essential part of this is to treat each other with kindness and respect. People of different religions, gender and age experience this as the foundation for a content life.

Your support has given UgandaKids the opportunity to share and nurture this attitude.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude and wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Sunday, 17th July 2016














           Pictures from the competition



Sporting Event in the Stadium

UgandaKids aims to not only offer excellent primary school education, but support their kids and youths also in activities outside the regular curriculum. This includes music and traditional dance groups as well as sports. The young athletes in particular have developed remarkable ambition. Football, basketball and athletics are very popular.

Most recently the district games have taken place in the Stadium of Adjumani. UgandaKids pupils had the opportunity to compete with athletes from other schools in track racing, high and long jump, javelin throw and discus.

And indeed: one of them was able to qualify for the national finals in Masindi.




Saturday, 19th March 2016













above: teacher accomodation

right: former pupils of the first leaving class 2011


What happened during the long summer break?

Because of the elections on February 18th   the beginning of the school year got postponed a bit. Quite a number of Uganda Kids weren’t too happy and would rather have come in to go to school. But two people were certainly happy and that was president Museveni and Mayor Tandupasi as they both got re-elected.

The dry season lasted for an unusually long time and it wasn't until a few days ago that it rained for the first time since December. Nonetheless temperatures can still rise above 40 degrees Celsius.

The construction work for the teachers’ accomodation is almost finished. There are only a few installations, a bit of wall painting and plants needed before the eight teachers can move into the apartments.

After that Heinz will begin with the earthwork on the school territory. Since there will be no machines to move the huge masses of soil it was not possible to start while the ground was so dried up.

During the school holidays a couple of former pupils came and visited. They belonged to the first leaving class of 2011. Hilda organized a get-together with teachers and pupils of the sixth and seventh class to exchange experiences. We are very proud that so many of them managed to enter the next school year with excellent results.

On February 22nd all teachers returned to the premises. In the meantime class schedules have been set up, the class and school representatives are elected and a parents’ and fosterparents’ representation has been formed. The boarding house is full again and the school year has begun officially. We are looking forward to it!



Sunday, 20th December 2015


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The leaving class and all the other swho work and study at UgandaKids, be it as pupils or teachers, as watchman, matron, nurse or cook are wishing you a Merry Christmas and a successful, peaceful and healthy New Year 2016

Also the team in Europe would like to thank you very much for helping UgandaKids through the past year so successfully.




Sunday, 20th September 2015












New teacher accommodation                                                                              Grace Mureo, Nursery School teacher

New Challenges

One of the growing problems UgandaKids faces these days is to find competent teachers, invest in their continuing qualification and keep them as long-term employees.

There are good reasons for them to stay: UgandaKids is based on a clear-cut concept and is a reliable employer who supports employees also in emergency situations. Wages are not only being paid on time, but adjusted according to the highly increasing inflation. Many teachers appreciate that and have been working for UgandaKids for many years. Grace Mureo (35), for example, has been leading the nursery school ever since its first day in 2007.

Some, however, give in to the temptations of quick money and move to South Sudan where they can earn up to ten times as much. UgandaKids, being committed to long-term support, is not able or willing to pay such inflated wages.

In agreement with Hilda and Heinz it was decided instead to invest in new buildings to house teachers who come from more distant parts of the country. There will be two buildings with eight one-room-apartments to give accommodation to eight male or female teachers. These are going to be built opposite the boarding section so that both electricity and the water well can be shared. The site, owned by Hilda and Heinz, has been given to UgandaKids to use for free, as was already the case when the boarding houses were built there.

The apartments are all appointed with bathrooms and cooking facilities. They are plain and functional, but still above the standard of the usual accommodation in Adjumani so far. Non-local teachers can live there for free while they work for UgandaKids. This opportunity makes the school an even more attractive employer while at the same time it retains the investment if and when the teachers leave UgandaKids again.


Saturday, 14th June 2015














Nine years after the founding of UgandaKids the course of a school year is beginning to feel quite familiar. It starts in February and stretches up to the first school holidays at the end of April. After two thirds – usually around mid July – the trial exams (“mocks”) are taken. These are of enormous importance for those school kids applying for a grant. Everybody celebrates the national holiday on October 9th. At the end of October the final exams are taken and a few weeks later, around the beginning of December, the long school holidays start.

During these long holidays there is a lot of maintenance work done around the site. With 634 children and youths enrolled (this year) some wear and tear can’t be avoided and the climate adds to the strain on the buildings.

Since the introduction of the scholarship programme two years ago the holidays are also used for another important effort. In order to enable as many kids as possible to continue with their education there is intensive care taken of the graduates. UgandaKids has accepted seven new scholars in 2015 who would have had to abandon their studies otherwise. Please follow this link for more information on the scholarship programme.



Tuesday, 17th February 2015

















Shelves for the library                                                                 Nazima Mugide is responsible for the school library

New books at the beginning of the new school year

Every new school year offers changes. The most obvious at the beginning of this year are the school books. Every pupil now receives a book for every subject. All books comply with the Ugandan curriculum and have been transported from Kampala to Adjumani. The pupils who are staying at the boarding school are allowed to take their books with them, the others receive their books in the morning when they arrive at school.

UgandaKids has found a new employee Nazima Mugide, who deals with all the related issues of the school library. Her tasks are to keep an overview of the books, to distribute them, to make sure the books stay in good condition and that all books are returned daily.



Sunday, 14th December 2014

 XMASgreetingsMerry Christmas and a happy New Year!

We would simply like to add our seasonal greetings to Aisha Peace from 5th grade. We would like to thank everybody who has been supporting Peace and her fellow pupils in the past year. Each new school year has new inherent challenges. With your support and the fantastic work of all the people at the school the New Year 2015 will surely be mastered again!













Sunday, 27th July 2014


The results of the exams are put up on a wall

Again the students are preparing for the mock exams

At the end of this week the pupils of the final year are writing the mock exams. Two to three months before the final exams PLEs (Primary leaving exams) the mock exams are taken. The questions are the same in the whole district and are done in subjects such as Maths, English, Social studies and Science. Therefore it is exactly the same as in the PLEs but with different questions, which will take place at the beginning of November.

This will give the young pupils and the teachers the opportunity to see the gaps in their learning and to prepare more intensely for the final exams.

The mocks are also important for those pupils who apply for a scholarship. The results are part of the application and good results are one of the prerequisites to receive a scholarship.



Friday, 18th April 2014


Gladys and Liberty writing an essay

UgandaKids is giving scholarships to five Ugandakids school leavers

“What are the school leavers doing after they have passed all their exams in primary school?"

We are frequently being asked these and similar questions from our donors and of course the employees of UgandaKids, as a “growing up with perspectives” is not achieved with primary school education. Many former pupils, especially the best performers, receive scholarships from other secondary schools. In the previous school year unfortunately not all leavers had this chance and therefore a few have them have asked us to support them further.  

Mainly due to financial reasons it is not possible to start a secondary school at the moment, but we have been trying to come up with other solutions such as giving out scholarships.

The criteria for selection are: neediness, scholastic performance and personality. UgandaKids only gives scholarships to former pupils, therefore the first two criteria were easy to determine, to find out more about their personalities we talked to Hilda and the teachers. Every applicant had to write an essay about how they imagine their life in the future. You can read Liberty’s essay here. Finally we decided grant scholarships to the five applicants, four girls and one boy. Hilda and one of the board of directors also talked to the pupils to make sure they know about their commitment:

  1. the scholastic performance has to be good to very good and the results have to be shown to UgandaKids
  2. when they grow up they have to pay the scholarship back in order to support another child which is in the same situation as they are now.

We are excited to find out how this new scholarship approach works out and will decide by the end of the year if we can continue with this new approach and how we will deal with it in order to support some of the “former” pupils.



Sunday, 23rd February 2014


The teachers of UgandaKids in Spring 2014

The new school year has started a few days ago

The eighth year has begun at the UgandaKids school. One would think it’s already a routine, yet there are always many new things at the beginning of a school year. The teachers have been asking if they could also wear their own school clothes just like the pupils to show that they are working for UgandaKids. Here we go: Blue shirts for the men and white blouses for the women teaching staff.

With or without teacher uniforms: everyone has more than enough reason to be proud of the final exam results from last year. 1.67 is the average result and even though there were a lot more pupils than in previous years. Out of 43 pupils only one finished with a grade 3, everyone else had grade 1 or 2

A few of last years school leavers were refugees from South Sudan , who should have actually returned, but due to the civil war they have returned to Adjumani. Four of them have not had financial support to continue their education and have asked UgandaKids for help. We are currently finding ways to continue supporting these young people.



Sunday, 15th December 2013


The big holidays will be spent at home

The school year has finished

Hard to believe that another school year has been completed. A few weeks ago the third graduation class has completed their final exams and is now waiting for their results at home at their foster parents. All exams are corrected by external teaching staff all over Uganda therefore the results are not expected back until mid January.

Many of the donors have met Hilda and Heinz at the information events in Munich or Ellingen and could get a good insight into their work at UgandaKids. We are always very pleased about the interest, questions and input from our donors.

Everyone from Adjumani, Munich, Kufstein and Ellingen would like to thank our donors at the end of this very exciting year at UgandaKids. Your support has been wonderful again this year!

We wish you a merry Christmas and a healthy and peaceful New Year in 2014! 


Saturday, 3rd August 2013






Above: the boarding school is waiting for the pupils

Right: Hilda’s brother Harry doing electric installations



The bare Brickwork is finished

Just like Heinz has promised the bare brickwork of the dormitories has been finished. In the last few weeks the workers have been working very hard and kept the time plan even though the weather has been unusually rainy at this season. In both buildings the windows and doors have been put in. The painting is done. The plumbing and electric installations still needs some work done.

In the upcoming weeks the interior will be worked on. Material for beds, shelves, tables, chairs and lots more will be purchased and transported to Adjumani.

The pupils of the final year are preparing for the final exams. They will be studying hard for the next few weeks. For the rest the holiday begins on 23rd of August. The third term of the school year will start in mid September.




Sunday, 21th April 2013

dorm2Z001-Construction dorms 1

The walls of the dormitories are growing.


"Aktion Sternstunden" is supporting the new construction of the boarding school

At the beginning of the year we applied for financial aid for the boarding school from the renowned organization of the Bavarian Radio station "Aktion Sternstunden".

In the mean time the application has been decided and we will receive a financial support of €50,000 for the construction of the boarding school for classes 5 to 7. Wonderful! We are extremely greatful for this!


The infrastructure and furniture is far more complex and more expensive for dormitories than for class rooms, therefore the construction costs amount to around €97,000. The missing amount can be paid from savings from donations. The boarding part for around 160 children needs to be completed for the upcoming school year, therefore the first walls have been erected. The buildings are being built on Hilda's and Heinz's land, which is around 200 meters walking distance from the school. They have given the ground to UgandaKids for free use.


The pupils staying at the boarding school will have more time to study, particularly in the colder evenings. The boarding school is made especially for the children who live with foster parents where they are expected to work and do housework which is not really suitable for their age group and doesn't leave any time to study.


If you want to look at the construction plans from Heinz, please click here.


Friday, 25th January 2013


Consultancy for the teachers in January 2013

The new school year is starting in a few days
Another week and the school will beginn again in Uganda. Just like in previous years, the holidays were a few days shorter for the teachers. Two trainers came to Adjumani to prepare the teachers for the new school year. The experience from the previous school year was discussed and new methods develoved for the new year. The teachers always look forward to this training week and feel it as a great gain for their teaching.
Also the recently announced results from the final exams have shown that UgandaKids has again archieved the best results in the whole district. All pupils passed their exams in Div. I or II. The average grade was 1.65. Hilda and the teachers are of course very proud of their pupils' results.
Heinz and the construction team have installed and tested the new cooking stoves in the kitchen. UgandaKids is now prepared for the 7th year. Kick off is on Monday 4th February.  



Saturday, 15th December 2012


On their way to the Nile 

Big holidays in Uganda

OnFriday 30th November the big "End of year Party" took place in Adjumani. The pre-school pupils were transferred to primary school and the children sang, danced and laught a lot. On the following day the singers of the new UgandaKids songs went on a trip to the Nile. To see and hear what went on there please click here. By the way three cars were enough to transport 30 children and 5 adults!

At the end of this year we would like to kindly thank you! 

Without your support the great work that Hilda, Heinz and the whole team perform in Adjumani would not be possible. With your support it was again possible to achieve a real "growing up with perspectives". You can find more details on how the school has developed since 2006 in this Video.

Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and peaceful new year in 2013. 




Saturday, 20th Oktober 2012


Teacher Joyce correcting exercises

The second group just before the final exams

The mocks have been written and in the last few weeks the pupils of year 7 have worked hard to strengthen their knowledge. On 5th and 6th November the final exams of Ugandan primary schools take place. These take place at the same time in the entire country and are corrected by external teachers, therefore the results are not expected until January.




Saturday 7th July 2012


  At 10 am -  as usual porridge is being served 

  Only a few days until the mock exams

Three weeks until grade 7 take the mock exams. These are based on the exams of the past three years. This way, three months before the final exams weaknesses can be found and things can be revised. After the incredible results from last years school leavers the pressure is on for pupils to come up with the same performance, therefore students work hard until late at night to prepare for the final exams. 

The current newsletter from July 2012, with lots of pictures and impressions from our journey can be found here.



Saturday, 19th Mai 2012


Reconstruction in progress 

Pre-school has moved class rooms in second term 

Holiday time means that Heinz can work on the reconstruction. A wall has been torn out to enlarge the last class room of the three pre-school classes. Everything could be finished on time before school started again. In this class room middle class can now be taught.

The dry season was not quite as heavy this year compared to last year. The school and the neighbours received enough water from our well this season.

Finally the lists of all the classes have reached us and there are 535 children and youth for whom the Team in Adjumani is taking responsibility this year. 

Sunday, 19th February 2012


 Assembly in the morning hours

UgandaKids is starting into the new school year 2012

A few days ago the Ugandakids nursery- and primary school started again in Adjumani. This year there are also more than 500 children and teenagers at the school. Two teachers left the school due to personal reasons and new teachers have already been recruited. The reputation of the school has risen even more after the great performance of the pupils who more than successfully completed primary school in December.  

The average grade of the school leavers was 1.3, noone was above 2. All of the pupils are going to a secondary school now, mostly outside of Adjumani town. 

It has also been talked about that not only the children and teenagers receive the best possible care and education, but that the teachers also gain from regular training courses. Now Hilda doesn't just have to take care of the foster parents who want to send their children to our school but also there are lots of job applications coming in from teachers wanting to work at Ugandakids school.

A few new video scenes with the new Ugandakids song sung by the pupils can be viewed here.  (to the video)

Sunday, 18th December 2012 

boarding over     

 With the end of the term the "bording school" has to be cleared. 

 School year 2012 has been finished - the first teenagers are leaving the school

On December 2nd the last school term has ended, with the exception of a few, most pupils could rise to the next level. All 19 school leavers are registered at secondary schools. At the end of January they will return for one day to receive their school reports. A few weeks ago the results of the mock exams were very promising, therefore not only we, but also the youth were expecting very good results. These former pupils of Ugandakids school are leaving the school with great perspectives. We have asked them to stay in touch at least once a year, to find out what their future holds.

Up to date fotos are here, and of course on Facebook

All of us from Ugandakids, in Europe and in Uganda are thanking you very kindly for your support so far and hopefully in the future.

We are wishing you a Merry Christmas and a peaceful and healthy New Year 2012!



Thursday, 20th October 2011


Photovoltaic power is up and running

Since the beginning of October the school can use its own environmentally friendly electricity and is autonomous.  30 solar panels were sponsored by Wirsol in Waghäusel and have been mounted on three steel frames and supply  5 kWp electricity. The company SMA in Kassel/Niestetal has provided the inverters for UgandaKids and transport costs were paid by the Deutschen Bank. Maintenance will be carried out by Hilda's brother Harry, who is a trained electrician and who was part of installing the solar panels. 

We are very grateful and are glad to have finally switched of the generator!